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Free Filtered & Chilled Water

4x Filtration for the best quality water Chilled to perfection

Premium - Innovative Design

Touchless refill
15 inch screen
Rugged and built for the outdoors
ADA compliant

Proprietary IoT & Software

Giving our partners a cutting-look into their water and urban data

OUR Vision

We set out to revolutionize the future
of sustainable hydration.

We are long overdue for change. We’re living through two massive global issues: a sustainability crisis and a water equity crisis.

Driving innovation in how we hydrate across the world

Officially launched in 2021, we’re developing and deploying cutting-edge, sustainable solutions to tackle dual sustainability and water equity crises. We’re modernizing hydration solutions by significantly reducing plastic use in the biggest cities around the world through our HydroStation, a thoughtfully designed, tech-enabled water refill station. We work with partners worldwide to close the global water access gap by financing a water project for every station installed.


Water on Earth:⁠
Pictured here is a steaming fumarolic ice tower (a snow chimney) above the “Sauna Cave” on Mt. Erebus, Antarctica.⁠
Heat from magma in this volcano melts the snow and ice beneath the ice towers forming caves and tunnels. As the air temperatures are typically colder than -30°C the water vapor freezes into towers of ice. At this latitude and altitude, the ice never melts. The towers can grow over 15 meters high until they become unstable and collapse under their own weight or are blown over.⁠
#HOPE #ForOurFuture #NatGeo #water #waterexplorers⁠
📷 : George Steinmetz⁠
CC: @Natgeo

Water, not Whiskey:⁠
The Temperance Fountain, donated to the city of Washington D.C. in 1882, was originally placed at a prominent location: Seventh and Pennsylvania Avenue, across from Center Market. ⁠⁠
The message was: "drink water, not whiskey", as there were so many saloons along the Avenue to tempt passersby. This was near the halfway point between the Capitol and White House. For many years after National Prohibition, it ironically sat in front of the Apex Liquor Store, which operated in the ground floor of the Central National Bank Building⁠⁠
The word "HOPE" is chiseled on one of the four sides of the fountain - an inspiration to our project⁠⁠
📷: @wikipedia⁠⁠
#hope #water #temperance #washington #dc #WaterNotWhiskey #1882 ⁠⁠

Another #WaterWednesdayWarrior - @bodjinde⁠
"Kwami Tendar was born in the suburb of Paris in 1991 from a Togolese father and an Austrian mother. ⁠

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in Lyon, he moved to Munich to complete his master of arts in architecture.⁠

Since then, he has been working as an architect, fashion designer, graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker for numerous clients"⁠

📷 @pascalbuenning⁠

#hope #water #waterisahumanright

A Water Desert⁠
"The Aral Sea, once a glistening body of water, has lost two-thirds of its volume because its source rivers were diverted for cotton irrigation during the Soviet era. Previously the fourth-largest lake in the world - the size of Southern California - much of it is now a dry graveyard of rusting shipwrecks. This desertification has produced toxic dust, resulting in respiratory diseases and cancers in communities downwind of the lake"⁠
"Metaphorically walking on water, camels cross the dry bed of the Aral Sea. Irrigation tapping into the lake’s feeder rivers has shrunk its size drastically and created this graveyard of rusting shipwrecks, where once a beautiful bay glistened.⁠

See more images of the effects of pollution in the former Soviet republics, including the Chernobyl accident, on my website http://www.gerdludwig.com"⁠

📷: Repost @GerdLudwig ⁠
CC: Blue Planet Run⁠

#hope #water #aralsea #natgeo⁠

Water on Earth:

"Photo by @shonephoto Robbie Shone / Surrounded by ice, two explorers begin the first ever descent through this moulin on the Gorner glacier, Switzerland."⁠

📷: @shonephoto⁠

Introducing this week's #WednesdayWaterWarrior - Javier Martínez (Javi)! ⁠
Javi is a Spanish professional footballer (soccer player) who has had an international career starting at Athletic Bilbao when he was 18, followed by 9 years at Bayern Munich (winning 9 straight Bundesliga titles). He was also on Spain's 2010 World Cup & 2012 Euro cup winning teams.⁠
📷: @pascalbuenning⁠

#hope #waterisahumanright #Javi8 #LaFuriaRoja #water

Water in Food:⁠
“Here, Orthodox Jews fill containers with water from a mountain spring to be used to bake the matzoth (unleavened bread) during the Maim Shelanu ceremony, which involves letting it settle in a cool place overnight.⁠
The Jewish holiday commemorates the Israelis' exodus from Egypt some 3,500 years ago and their ancestors' plight by refraining from eating leavened food⁠”

CC: Photo by Uriel Sinai / Getty Images⁠

#hope #hydration #Matzoth #water #hydrate

#WaterWednesday with the Rock & Roll legend… Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl⁠!

"I shot Dave Grohl @davestruestories with my friends of @vivaconagua⁠
Postproduction @stellonez and millions of hugs to @michafritz"⁠
CC: @henningheide⁠

#water #HOPE #humanright #hydration

Water in Travel:

The Dead Sea is called "dead" because its high salinity prevents macroscopic aquatic organisms, such as fish and aquatic plants, from living in it.
It’s situated at the lowest point on Earth and spreads across the border of #Israel and #Jordan. The water has a rich concentration of minerals in its water and mud, zinc, and oxygen-rich air has been clinically proven in the treatment of skin diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure, and rheumatism.
The water of the Dead Sea is so dense that it allows you to float on the surface of the sea

#hope #water #deadsea

“@leslieclio is making noise for the issue of clean drinking water - with a cardboard sign and a hugely important message: #waterisahumanright.”
- @Vivaconagua
Huge shoutout @leslieclio and her support and collaboration with @welthungerhilfe, on working on the #waterforall initiative!
📷: @pascalbuenning

#unity #water #hope

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